• Experience Management Platform

    Eliminate bad experiences with one System of Action

    Qualtrics XM combines the world’s best technology for listening to feedback with automated and integrated workflows that drive action at every level of the organization. Now you can empower your team to hear every stakeholder’s voice and close every experience gap.


    Improve the four core experiences

    Refine the experience for every stakeholder across all four core experiences of your business on one powerful platform.

    XM Automated actions

    Breakthrough results. Driven by your actions

    Turn insights into actions that drive the organization forward with workflows designed to help you walk the talk when it comes to experience management.

    • Automatically alert the right people, in the right teams, and on the right channels with notifications
    • Automate any action - create a ticket, send a message, send an incentive reward, share a result of a study or create a follow-up action from a result
    • Close the loop at scale to solve problems quickly and track strategic improvements over time
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    Empower everyone

    Hunt down and eliminate bad experiences

    Anyone from the boardroom to the frontline can take action

    • Start a new project across any of the four core experiences of a business—customer, employee, product and brand
    • Make everyone an XM expert with pre-built templates and solutions available across the organization, pre-built and available out of the box
    • Make experience management a daily habit with XM Mobile and notifications

    Collect + Connect

    Your ultimate listening system

    Collect and connect data at every meaningful touchpoint to get visibility into every experience.

    • Connect 130 channels including web, SMS, voice, video, social and many more. Hear every voice.
    • Build distinct customer segments and detailed customer journeys in XM Directory
    • 360 views of customers with experience data like feelings beliefs and emotions + operational data like behavior or spend patterns all in one place
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    Analytics + Intelligence

    Know exactly what to do. Powered by built-in intelligence.

    Surface deep insights from even the most complex data sets at the click of a button. Our powerful, predictive analytics engine surfaces deep insights faster to the people who need to see them.

    • Automatically analyze unstructured data like voice and open text to see trending topics and sentiments
    • See the key drivers of everything from employee engagement to customer satisfaction, spend and loyalty
    • Advanced statistical analysis at the click of button
    • Move beyond insights with recommended actions on ways to drive impact
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    Your mission critical systems all in one place

    Want to see how your actions will improve revenue, reduce attrition, increase engagement, and drive loyalty? Connect all your systems for unprecedented insight and trigger actions and alerts in the systems you teams are already using.

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    Trusted + Secure

    The gold standard in security and compliance

    Enterprise-grade security and data privacy comes as standard and we’ve got the certificates to prove it — FedRAMP, ISO 27001, and HITRUST to be precise.

    • Data encryption, SMTP and DKIM email protocols, and client-controlled single sign on keeps your data secure
    • Your data is all yours. With secure data centers, access controls, cloud infrastructure, firewall and network security, you’re the only one with access
    • Tailor your security to meet industry or regional security and privacy standards, including GDPR one-touch data deletion
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    Govern + Standardize

    Manage experiences across the entire organization

    Manage your deployment centrally and enable the rest of the organization with all the admin controls, solutions, and templates you need to keep everyone on track

    • Monitor usage, consumption, and activity across the organization
    • Project approval controls to control research quality
    • Data policy management